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OgdenXR Secures Grant from WildCat Microfund!

Written by Eduardo Reyes

We are thrilled to announce that OgdenXR has received a new grant from the WildCat Microfund to advance our project, “AI Immersive Agents for Online Education and Training.”

This grant will provide crucial support as we continue to innovate and develop cutting-edge solutions for the educational, mining, aerospace and construction sectors.

A Heartfelt Thanks to WildCat Microfund

Our deepest gratitude goes to the WildCat Microfund at Weber State University. Their unwavering support and commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation have been instrumental in helping businesses like ours thrive. The WildCat Microfund is dedicated to empowering small businesses and startups by providing access to financial resources and mentorship, enabling them to achieve their full potential.


Celebrating at Acceler8 Wasatch Week

We are also excited to share that this grant was awarded during the celebration of Acceler8 Wasatch Week, held from May 13th to 16th in Ogden. This inaugural event brought together industry leaders, defense agencies, entrepreneurs, academia, and policymakers to inspire collaboration, innovation, and business growth. The week-long event emphasized Northern Utah’s pivotal role in national defense and highlighted Ogden’s unique community of makers and innovators.

Liesl Limburg, Ogden City Business Recruitment Manager, aptly stated, “Ogden is a community of makers – both of things and of relationships that are crucial to the success of the aerospace and defense industry. Here, you will find an environment that emboldens technology and innovation that supports the current needs of industry while looking ahead to the future.” (

Each day of Acceler8 Wasatch Week offered new business networking experiences, providing a platform for meaningful connections and collaborative opportunities.

Looking Ahead

With the support of the WildCat Microfund, we are more motivated than ever to push the boundaries of what’s possible in online education and training. Our project aims to harness the power of AI and immersive technologies to create engaging, effective, and accessible learning experiences for students and professionals alike.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved with the WildCat Microfund and Acceler8 Wasatch Week for their dedication to fostering innovation and supporting local businesses. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for Northern Utah and beyond.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress, and thank you for your continued support of OgdenXR. For more information about our projects and initiatives, please visit our website or contact us directly ([email protected]).



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