Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, often abbreviated as AR, is a groundbreaking technology that blends the real world with digital elements, creating an immersive and interactive experience. It’s like magic brought to the real world, and it has the potential to transform the way companies operate and connect with their audiences.

Visualization Tool

Augmented Reality (AR) has rapidly emerged as a transformative tool for companies looking to visualize and communicate their ideas, products, and services in a more engaging and interactive manner. Essentially, AR superimposes digital information, objects, or experiences onto the real world, making it an ideal visualization tool for a wide range of industries and purposes.

Collaboration Tool

Augmented Reality (AR) has evolved from being a mere technological novelty to becoming a powerful collaborative tool that can significantly enhance teamwork and innovation across various industries. With AR, companies can foster collaboration, improve communication, and drive innovation in exciting ways. Here’s why AR is a game-changer in this context:

What uses does Augmented Reality have?


Augmented Reality has emerged as a versatile technology with impactful applications in various fields, such as construction, city planning, mining, among others.

Realidad Aumentada


In the mining sector, Augmented Reality (AR) becomes an invaluable resource by facilitating detailed observation of equipment and machinery. This technology enables mining professionals to visualize key information directly in the work environment, enhancing both operational efficiency and safety in operations.

Urban Planning

In the field of urban planning, Augmented Reality (AR) emerges as a powerful tool by facilitating the visualization of designs and their harmonious integration with the existing environment. This technology provides urban planners and architects with an enriched and detailed perspective on how proposed projects integrate with existing infrastructure and topography.


AR enables the overlay of three-dimensional models of buildings and structures in the real environment, allowing construction teams and designers to virtually explore how new projects will integrate with the existing surroundings. This not only facilitates visual understanding but also helps anticipate potential conflicts or logistical challenges that may arise during the construction phase.


AR is used to create interactive explanatory manuals that enhance the training and understanding of aeronautical procedures. These manuals enable technicians and pilots to visualize aircraft components in three dimensions, facilitating the comprehension of their operation and maintenance.

Case: GEIM

GEIM, a leading maritime container solutions provider, faced a unique challenge. Their potential customers in Brazil needed a comprehensive understanding of the company’s services and offerings, particularly regarding their specialized maritime containers. Traditionally, this would have required the costly and time-consuming transportation of a physical container to Brazil for showcase and demonstration. GEIM sought an innovative solution to overcome this logistical hurdle, and that’s where Augmented Reality (AR) stepped in.


We Created a Unique AR Experience

The Challenge

GEIM needed to showcase their maritime container solutions to a group of potential customers in Brazil. However, transporting a physical container to another country was impractical and expensive. They needed an engaging, cost-effective, and immersive way to present their products to this target audience.


Our Solution

We partnered with GEIM to develop a custom AR application. This innovative app enabled GEIM to showcase their maritime containers to customers in Brazil without the need for physical transport, offering a revolutionary solution to their challenge.

The AR app allowed GEIM to virtually transport their maritime containers from their location to Brazil. Customers in Brazil could see and interact with a highly detailed 3D model of the container in an augmented reality environment, providing an immersive and engaging experience.

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