Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, often abbreviated as VR, is an exciting technology that creates immersive, three-dimensional digital environments. Think of it as a high-tech portal that transports you to a completely different world, even though you’re physically in the same place.

Visualization Tool

As a visualization tool, VR offers a unique way to present and understand complex information, whether it’s for industrial, construction, or any other type of company. It provides an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional 2D images and presentations.

Collaborative Tool

Virtual Reality (VR) is not only a powerful visualization tool but also an excellent collaborative tool that brings teams together, regardless of their physical locations. It enables seamless collaboration and communication for companies across various industries.


At OgdenXR, we take pride in our real-world success stories. In this case, we took the blueprints of a construction site and we built a Virtual Reality solution.


We Created a Unique VR Experience

The Challenge

Tega Industries, a leading provider in the mining sector, faced the challenge of showcasing their products to a wide audience during EXPOMIN 2023 (CHILE). Traditional methods often fell short in conveying the depth and impact of their products. They needed a revolutionary approach to captivate, educate, and engage their booth visitors.


Our Solution

We stepped in with a bespoke Virtual Reality solution that redefined Tega Industries’ presence at the trade show. We created an immersive VR application that allowed visitors to step inside of a Mill Ball in a Grinding Plant. With VR headsets, attendees were transported to this virtual and dangerous site, where they could interact with Tega’s products and experience their benefits firsthand.

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