Dec 21, 2023 | English, OgdenXR

Exciting News at OgdenXR!

Written by Eduardo Reyes

I am thrilled to announce that OgdenXR has received valuable economic support from Wildcat Microfund, an incredible organization associated with Weber University, UTAH. 🎉


This support marks a significant milestone for us, and we’re deeply grateful for the trust and backing we’ve received from Weber University and the Wildcat fund. Their commitment to fostering innovation and growth in our community is truly commendable.


I also would like to thanks to Enrique García, our mentor in this process. He works also at the Suazo Business Center, a great place to learn and connect with multiple people in this great entrepreneurial ecosystem.

At OgdenXR, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of XR technology, and this support will undoubtedly fuel our efforts to create immersive experiences that make a lasting impact.

A heartfelt thank you to Weber University and the Wildcat Microfund for believing in our vision. We look forward to achieving great things together! 🙌

About Wildcat Microfund (from: Weber U.)


The Wildcat Microfund offers cash award grants to early stage entrepreneurs across the state of Utah. Trying to launch an idea? Need funding to support early-stage growth? Apply now.

Awarded funds are not a loan and we take NO ownership or equity. Apply up to 3 times!

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! It’s simply our way to help you achieve your dream!


Eduardo Reyes


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