Nov 3, 2023 | Augmented Reality, English

Case: GEIM – Unlocking Global Markets with Augmented Reality (AR)

Written by Eduardo Reyes

In a rapidly evolving world, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to overcome geographical and logistical challenges. GEIM, a leading maritime container solutions provider, was faced with a unique dilemma. Their potential customers in Brazil required a comprehensive understanding of the company’s services, particularly in regard to their specialized maritime containers. Traditionally, this would have necessitated the costly and time-consuming transportation of a physical container to Brazil for showcase and demonstration.

The Challenge: GEIM needed to showcase their maritime container solutions to a group of potential customers in Brazil. However, the transportation of a physical container to another continent was impractical and expensive. They sought an engaging, cost-effective, and immersive way to present their products to this target audience.

The Solution: Augmented Reality (AR) App Creation: GEIM partnered with OgdenXR, a pioneer in AR technologies, to develop a custom AR application. This innovative app enabled GEIM to showcase their maritime containers to customers in Brazil without the need for physical transport, offering a revolutionary solution to their challenge.

1. Remote, Immersive Showcase: The AR app allowed GEIM to virtually transport their maritime containers from their location to Brazil. Customers in Brazil could see and interact with a highly detailed 3D model of the container in an augmented reality environment, providing an immersive and engaging experience.

2. Realistic Interaction: Customers could explore the maritime container from every angle, open its doors, and even visualize how it would fit into their operations, all through their smartphones or tablets. This level of interaction brought an unparalleled understanding of the product’s features and benefits.

3. Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly: By eliminating the need for physical transportation, GEIM saved considerable expenses associated with logistics and environmental impacts. The AR solution provided a sustainable and cost-effective alternative.

4. Greater Reach and Impact: The AR app transcended the limitations of physical presentations. GEIM could showcase their maritime containers to a wider audience while delivering a more captivating and memorable presentation. It expanded their reach and influenced potential customers more effectively.

The Result: Transforming Engagement and Business Opportunities: The AR app created a buzz among potential customers in Brazil. GEIM was able to present their maritime container solutions in a way that was not only innovative but also highly informative. The immersive AR experience led to increased engagement and a deeper understanding of GEIM’s offerings.

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